Blender is hard to use for a beginning, this is how to add texture to your favour model

Draw your favour stuff in Blender, Grease Pencil that is what they call it, I'm wondering "Grease Pencil" is the standard name for that? Grease means oily or fatty matter in particular from Dictionary, fatty pencil? I love that name

Translate, rotate and scale are the basic operations to manipulate objects in 3D model software. But it was impossible to figure out how to use in Blender. Here is the screenshot how to do all the operations.

Change from render mode to 3d view in Blender

There are million buttons in Blender, Here is how to add shortcut key to your Favour Blender. This is pretty brilliant trick to add shortcut.

How to go to compositing mode

Show texture on the model in Blender

Add text in Blender